Singing: Natalina & Ian

​Instrument playing: Del & Ian

Crayon Angels are an East London and Essex based acoustic driven trio combining songwriting influenced by the English greats (Richard Thompson, Ray Davies, Andy Partridge etc.), haunting atmospheric electric and lap steel guitars and a soulful female vocal delivery.

The subject matter of their songs sidesteps the fairies, wizards and maidens that can act as a barrier against folk music to some and concentrates on the timeless issues of life, love, stupidity and the ageing process. Of course, the pigeonholing of music can be a dangerous and foolhardy game so let's just say that Crayon Angels are some pleasant humans playing some nice songs.

Their first EP ‘Nonsense Songs’ was described by one delighted purchaser as 'representing the best £3 I’ve spent this year' and received airplay and kind words on the wireless. Find out how to get a copy on the Media page. Their second, even nicer, EP ‘Postcards’ is all recorded and will pop out in the not too distant future.

Alongside their self-written songs of life, love, stupidity and the ageing process they also have a rather fetching selection of covers that they are able to draw on if the audience looks like it may be flagging.

Live, Crayon Angels present a stripped-back version of the recorded versions of their songs and have recently appeared at such convivial venues as the Running Well and Bishops Stortford acoustic clubs and the Loughton and Lost Horizons folk clubs and are earning a nicely growing reputation as all-round good eggs.

If you want to find out where they are playing next, look on the Live page. If you want to get in touch, the Contact page is the place for you.